Pistachio in Paris

Dessert with a View

After wandering the streets of Paris, I stumble upon an enchanted food chart. Of course, it did not have fairies and magic surrounding it. But it did have the best thing ever. Soft serve ice cream. Not only was it served soft but it was sweet and savory with delectable but addicting flavors. It was pistachio which I might add is my favorite. This ice cream was soft and creamy and tasted like heaven under the hot Parisian sun. It was nice to find this food cart after walking between the museum and splurging in the Paris fashion boutique. It was nice to sit in front of the Eiffel Tower, take in the sun, and embrace the cold from the soft serve on my lips. It was a perfect ending to a long day. Even though Paris is filled with lots of sweets and desserts for anyone with a sweet tooth. Next time you are in Paris, go ahead and indulge in a sweet treat and make sure to take in the view. Remember what happens in Paris stays in Paris so give into your sweet side.

46 thoughts on “Pistachio in Paris

  1. Oh my Yummm! That looks so yummy. Which is absolutely crazy because I work for Nestle part time and we sell Edy’s Pistachio and yet somehow I have never had it. I think it is because there are just so many to choose from. I will definitely get it next time! It prob won’t be as yummy as that ice cream from Paris but it will do.


  2. What/where is this food cart?? My boyfriend and I are in Paris for the next month and he LOVES pistachio ice cream!! So serendipitous to stumble upon your blog.


  3. Pistachio is also one of my favourite flavours, Paris is also one of my favourite cities and the last time I was there I had pistachio macarons which were delicious! Hope you had a fab time.


  4. This looked so much fun. Next time I’m in Paris… i definitely m gonna try a soft serve with a view of Eiffel Tower 🙂


  5. Eating Ice Cream and strolling around Paris must have been an amazing experience. Such a simple thing to do, but I think you savor the experience more. I’ve never had soft serve Pistachio Ice cream though… must have been delicious!


  6. I would definitely stop and enjoy soft serve ice cream! I love the flavor you chose. I would also be looking at plain vanilla or chocolate fudge flavor. Oh my, now I am craving for ice cream!


  7. Pistachio, hazelnut, cherry (cerise), lavender, (lavande), raspberry (frambroise), strawberry (fraise) are the real French flavors! I live in Paris and recently had a hazelnut ice cream by the Eiffel Tower and took a snapshot like yours 🙂


  8. Sounds delicious 🙂 Pistachio is a flavor I don’t indulge in often, but it is very tasty. I would love to visit Paris one day, but only once I’ve checked off conversational French.


  9. Wow, I can’t say I have even seen “green” ice cream. The Grinch would be pleased! Do you happen to know if they have that in America or would I have to travel to Paris for green ice cream?


  10. This looks so delightful! Soft serve icecream is my favourite kind. I remember I went to town on the vanilla/green tea swirl soft serve that is really popular in Japan, and this one looks great too.


  11. Pistachio in Paris… I love it . Really great post. Make me want to take a plane to Paris right now. Pistachio is also one of my fave ice cream.


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