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DIY Necklace Picture Frame

DSC_0122DSC_0126DSC_0137DSC_0139finish productMy necklaces were always unorganized and tangled in a box. At first, I wanted to put them in individual bags but that did not work out. It was so much work! So I decided to do something more creative: I can hang the necklaces to easily see everyday. I often forget to wear a necklace and this should help. I was so happy and proud of my project and how it came out. It was nice to de-clutter some of my jewelry too. In the process I found one of my favorite necklaces I thought I would never see again.


Materials you need

  • Picture frame
  • Felt
  • Knobs
  • Glue
  • Paint or spray paint


The first thing I did was get my frame ready to paint. I used this one I found at the Dollar General. I decided to spray paint it after trying acrylic paint. The acrylic paint was not setting well with the material of the picture frame. Plus spray painting was a lot faster. I went with two coats of spray so that it can have that bold color on it.


While the spray paint was drying, I went in and started on the board. I added felt to the cardboard back that came with the frame. The felt is a pretty pink color and since I had to put two pieces, I stapled them together and added washi tape down the middle to cover the staples up. Then I drilled holes big enough for the knob screws to fit into and placed them in a high-low pattern.


Once everything was done, I was on my last step. This is the easy part! Just put the board back into the frame and go ahead and organize your jewelry as you please. This is so simple but it can look so amazing. I went pretty simple with mind but you can go all out and add to the corners or use ribbons.


This DIY was so much fun. I am planning to go through and organize my entire house. So stay tuned for that. I will be having plenty more DIY coming your way. As well as another blog post. Also, if you have any trouble finding the knobs, go to Micheals and get the mason jar lids. They can be unscrewed and placed in your project. It is that simple. Happy DIY !

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467 thoughts on “DIY Necklace Picture Frame

  1. This is such a great idea and a great weekend project. I guess we are all storing our necklaces in different boxes and then spend hours trying to untangle them. This would solve the problem easily.


  2. I really need to put all my necklaces in order and this looks like an amazing way! And totally different style with the knobs! Gonna try this soon!


  3. This is super cute!!! I need something like this in my tiny apartment! I just did a DIY post on my blog as well, check it out if you want 🙂 good to see theres other crafty people around !!!


  4. this is cute, and so easy to make! i always loved arts and crafts when i was younger, now i can just never find the time!


  5. I love this idea! I have my necklaces hanging around and honestly, I just want to showcase them. I’ll definitely be trying out this project, I was thinking I might even categorize my necklaces which means I might need more than one frame!


  6. This is such a cool idea … I love the way these are hanging . Mine are always lost and detangled. This is my coming weekend DIY


  7. Lol, I literally JUST bought a mason jar at Michael’s. Great DIY project. Love being able to see all the necklaces. It is so easy to forget them.


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