Let it rain school supplies !

I am one of those people that loves to go school supply shopping. I get excited to start school and meet new people and learn even more. It is super important for me to have the things that I need to succeed. I have to drive about 20 minutes to school so if I have to go back home, that can be a hassle. I make sure I have all of my things I need before I head out. I love to be organized and prepared. Having the supplies you need is half the battle for being a good college student. My school style has been the same since I started school. Even though going to college is miles different from going to high school, you still need some of the same supplies. Here are some of my favorite college essentials.

First thing that is a must is an emergency kit. I have to have a kit that has all of my essentials I need just in case life happens. There have been times that the kit has came in handy. Not only is it useful for me but it can help other people around me as well.

DSC_0002 (1)

Notebooks, composition book, and binders. It depends on the class and what it requires. I like to have one notebook or binder per class. Only because I want to have them all separated and more organized. I do reuse notebooks though. I just tear out the pages I already used and change out the front label. It do not like to waste any supplies.



Pens, pencils, highlighter, and pencil cases. I always have a lot of pens. I hate being the one that has to ask around for a pen. I am not particular about the pens and pencils that I have just as long as they are good quality. I have had pens that come from the pack that do not work. I do prefer wood pencils. I think they feel better than mechanical pencil. Just have a sharpener on hand. I also love to use highlighters and color coordinate my notes and keep things really organized. I prefer the highlighter that you can see through.


Computer – It is a must. At first, I was nervous about having a computer at school with me. If you have a break between classes, you can get a lot done with a computer. You can study and keep occupied while you wait. Do not forget to charge up the computer or bring a charger with you. It can be even more annoying to carry around a dead computer.


Planner – I am a planner girl and every college student needs a planner. I know not everyone has a planner. That is okay. You can use the computer or get a plain notebook and do bullet lists. Just something that can keep you organized and help you remember dates.

Sticky notes, index cards, and USB drive. I have made so many flash cards over my time in college. It can be so helpful to have them on hand. You use the sticky notes method and organized your notes within your books. A USB drive is a must you are going to have papers and projects. It is so convenient to use a flash drive as a backup for that last minute paper or project.

Printer, paper, ink, and print card. You have no idea how many times I have been late to class because I have not had a printer or my school print card. If your school is like mine, you need to have a print card. Just get one for the whole semester. Put like $5 and leave the card in your wallet for the semester. It is a saver when you do not have a printer at home.


Dry erase board – I like to use these as a reminder. They are also good to have to work on math problems. It it something most people do not think about but it can be the most useful thing to have.

Other essential things

  • Staples
  • Stapler
  • White Out
  • Phone charger
  • Scissors
  • Colorful pens
  • Tape
  • Headphones
  • Reusable water bottle

These are the things I always have in my backpack. I always try to have what I need and not carry things I do not need. School should be a fun learning place. Yes, what you learn in the classroom is important but it is more important to learn the skills and gain experiences. Have a good year and let it rain school supplies !!

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86 thoughts on “Let it rain school supplies !

  1. Great post and good luck on the school year! I recently bought a “Panda Planner” and it changed my life, it is basically like a planner on steroids! You should definitely check it out because it took me forever to find a planner that I love.


  2. You are perfectly organised and thats a wonderful thing! You’re right, there’s nothing worse than desperately trying to find someone with a spare pen and repeating that process through other classes and lessons! I *still* love buying new stationary. The pencil case and cactus notepad are too cute!


  3. This year when we went school shopping, I was interested in getting what was on the list, whereas my daughter was interested in getting locker items: wall paper, chadeliar, mirror, mini bins, etc. #sigh

    These are really cute products for the kiddies!


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