Cozying Up to Fall


Living in Florida, the summer can be brutally hot to the point that it is unbearable. I look forward to fall because while yes, it is still hot in Florida but it becomes cooler at night and it means winter is upon us. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. I love preparing myself for pumpkin spice and everything nice: fall, fashion, and holiday decor. One of the things I do feel like I miss in Florida is being able to experience all the beautiful environmental changes that happen in the fall. But I do enjoy gathering and preparing myself for the love of everything fall.



Let’s change the decor around.

This is my favorite thing to do every year. Gather some of last year’s decor and go shopping for new pieces to add to our decor collection. When the air begins to cool and get crispy, I am ready to burst out the textured blanket and the Sweater Weather candles. I try not to go overboard with all the decor even though that is so hard. I want my home to look like a box of fall burst throughout the home. I love to add cozy bedding, faux-fur pillow, decor candles and fall trinkets and decor around the house.

Shopping please.

Even though it does not get that cold in Florida during fall, I love to go shopping for fall fashion. It warms my heart. It is time to get the flannel shirt and patterned dresses. I only get about five to ten pieces each year. I only try to pick clothing that can be versatile or be worn when it does get cold or hot as it is often in Florida. The key to my shopping is finding fun pieces to layer. Layers can be chic or effective.

Finding the Events

During fall, the weather outside is so beautiful and I love to enjoy it. Getting out and taking a walk on a trail or even just around a park is what I look forward to the most during the fall. Nothing is better than strolling down the sidewalk and hearing the hard and crispy leaves beneath your feet. Find events in your area. Try something different and go apple picking or go to a seasonal pumpkin patch. Look in the local newspapers and see what is going on around you and get involved in your community.

Health is a must

During the fall, pollen is in the air and it seems like everyone gets sick. I never usually get sick except for once a year and it is some time during the fall. To get ready, I take extra care of myself so a cold does not hit me like a ton of bricks. I take some vitamins and get a little more sleep. It is important to take care of yourself all year round. During the fall, the temperatures drop and it seems at the same time, everyone is sick.


Whether it is getting out the decor or going clothes shopping, I look forward to getting cozy with fall. I was not always a fan of fall but I have been obsessed with it the past few years. As fall is here, let’s all prepare our minds and body to have productive fall.


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