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Fall Front Porch Decor

Tis the season of decoration. It is time to carve the pumpkins and light the lantern. I love to drive around to different neighborhoods and see if anyone has decorated their yard. It really just puts me into the mood to celebrate. During the fall, the weather is perfect for walking around and enjoying the scenery within your neighborhood. It is so much fun finding items to decorate the porch. Trying to keep porch decor budget friendly is key. In Florida, so many different weather changes can lead animals into your yard. If you don’t really watch out, you will have plenty of squirrels and ducks coming into your yard and eating your pumpkins down to the core.

One simple step I follow each year when it comes to decorating the front porch is to adorn the front door. Honestly, all you have to do is go all out and one up the next door neighbor. Layer up and add different textures and materials together to add dimension and fullness. Next, add color in a different place and balance it out on both sides. Last, step back on the street and make sure it looks great from all angles.


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