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Fall Candle Round Up

My fall is not complete until I have made a trip to Bath and Body Works to purchase candles. I usually come out with at least two bags filled with candles and decor. As the years go by, I love to collect new candles so I can burn them all autumn season long. Burning a candle is one of the joys of fall. A candle allows the room to be cozy and makes me feel fuzzy on the inside. As I have said before, I love pumpkin spice and everything nice and candles are no different. I love candles and other scents for fall, it is important to have a variety of scents based on my mood. My home is not complete without a candle.


Jo Malone English Oak and Redcurrant Candle


I am obsessed with this candle. I was first introduced to Jo Malone from Lydia Millen. The way she talked about the candles made me want to try a scent. So I went and picked this one up and I have been obsessed with it every since.


Bath and Body Works Flannel


If you do not have the candle or have not smelled it, you must have been living under a rock. It smells like the essence of fall. Every year I pick up four just in case they do not have it the next year. It has a very woody, clean smell. It just adds a fall cozy feel in any room.


Bath and Body Works Marshmallow Fireside


This candle is an oldie but a good one. I can remember when this candle first came out. It had a scent that I was not fawn of. But for the past few years, something has changed and it smells amazing. The name really fits the scent of the candle


Bath and Body Works Pumpkin pecan waffles.


This is a season favorite. I get this candle each year and I look forward to going into the store and seeing the new packaging. This seriously smells like you just made some buttermilk pecan waffles and you drizzled a healthy serving of maple syrup, It is so good.


Bath and body Work Mahogany Teak wood


OMG! This smell like a clean man that came from working in the woods. The combination of smells is so unique. As the aroma spreads through the house, it gives off a warm cozy feeling. It does have a strong smell but in a good way. You do not need to light all of the wicks.


Let me just say that I love candles of any kind. But I do especially love candles in the fall. It really does brighten up the room. Each season, it is so fun to get my favorite and to try something new. I even tried my hand at making my own candles smell great but did not have staying power. Let me know what your favorite candles are, no matter the season.


XOXOXO – Kristal

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