Fourth of July Activities


  Fourth of July is a fun holiday. You get to hang out with family, eat BBQ, play with sparklers, and relax under the fireworks. I can’t believe how fast time has gone by. It is already July and it feels like it’s time for Christmas! I enjoy the Fourth Of July because it is such a relaxed holiday to celebrate America. First, I had to think of the outfit I would wear, a very last minute outfit. I went to four stores and seriously could not find anything. It looks like everything related to the holiday was picked over and nothing cute was available. I chose a simple tee shirt which was one of the softest shirts I own. It has a comfortable relaxed fit. I paired it with my favorite pair of ripped jeans and my new white sneakers I got from Amazon for $15 which was a steal. They are extremely comfortable and are the cutest pair of sneakers. And, lastly, the accessories. I paired my outfit with a funky bold colorful earring set I got from Target and a simple gold watch I picked up in a thrift market. 

  I love creating new traditions for each holiday. On the Fourth of July, there’s always something going on around town. When I was younger, we would always go somewhere and enjoy the fireworks. It was a magical adventure at the time but as I grew older, it became a hassle to go watch fireworks anywhere around town. There are often a ton of people to the point where you can’t enjoy your time and you need to arrive hours early to get a good spot and enjoy the show. Plus, the traffic! Do not get me started on how crazy the traffic is around any Fourth of July event, it’s a nightmare. Now that I am married, I decided it was time to start a new tradition. We enjoyed a Fourth of July themed dinner with a fireworks dessert on the balcony and gazed at the stars. We were still able to relax and see fireworks right from the balcony. It was just as magical as my childhood. What are some of the traditions you have for the Fourth of July?

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