Porch Therapy

      I love the smell of fresh flowers and blooms within my home. I love to add greenery all over my home. It gives it a fresh and cozy feeling. It is so soothing for me, like going to a greenhouse. When out and about, I like to take my time and enjoy looking at plants and all of the new blooms. Even if I do not have a green thumb, it is still nice to introduce new plants during the summer and spring time. I have seriously become obsessed with plants and how I can use them within my home. Before I went to the  cutest plant store, I looked on Pinterest to see unique ways to add plants and keep my space light and airy.

      There are so many great environmental benefits for having plants in your home. They can be calming, help with air flow, add a pop of color, and many more positive effects. I choose to pick plants that need minimal effort but still make a statement. I seriously can kill a cactus if I am not careful. I know that is pretty bad. Real or fake is fine but I prefer real. We went to Porch Therapy and I was amazed with how cute it was and the variety they carried. Even if you are like me and do not have much of a green thumb, I encourage you to go to the nearest greenhouse or nursery and find some new gems. Be sure to get a care card and actually read it. It’s worth it. 





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